Protect Your Home Investment with Waterproofing in Toronto

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Protect Your Home Investment with Waterproofing in Toronto

Basement waterproofing is always a good idea for a Toronto home from a health perspective: it fights the spread of mold and keeps out insects and other vermin, for example. In addition to protecting the health of your family, proper waterproofing of your basement also protects the value of your home.

Waterproofing saves you money and increases the value of your home.

Water seeping into the basement of your home can cause a lot of damage that can add up to an expensive situation over the course of time. This can significantly diminish the re-sale value of your home. If you get your basement waterproofed before any leaks or issues are discovered, you can also add it as an asset to increase the valuation of your home. After all, you’re saving the potential buyer costs in potential repairs from water and moisture seeping into your home.

Waterproofing protects your home from mold.

Mold is obviously a health hazard, but it can cause a lot of property damage and can be expensive to get rid of properly. Mold thrives on moisture, and can take over your basement quickly if there are many sources of water or moisture such as cracks in the foundation or leaky pipes. While leaky pipes should be fixed by a plumber as soon as possible, waterproofing helps seal cracks and prevent moisture seepage from the outside, reducing the spread of mold.

Get waterproofing for your basement, not damproofing.

Damproofing is a process that serves to answer the bare minimum moisture barrier requirements for most Toronto building codes. It involves coating the exterior of a foundation or basement with a tar-like substance. This is not an adequate procedure to properly waterproof your home, leaving your home at risk from outside water sources. Proper waterproofing involves more than just an application of wet asphalt solutions –it is done with liquid rubber and an insulating panel and locks water out of your basement effectively.  Beware of damproofing being passed off as true waterproofing.

Waterproof your home sooner than later.

It’s best not to wait when it comes to waterproofing your Toronto home. Acting early will save you money and hassle, and it will also help you figure out what needs to be done before any problems arise and you are stuck with costly repairs.

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