Maintenance to Minimize Water Leakages in Basements

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Unlike other components of a building, basements tend to suffer from a faster rate of deterioration due to their exposure to surrounding soil conditions. Water seepage/leakage and other related problems can often cause flooding in addition to cement cracks and the spread of mold.

Preventative strategies should be adopted during the design and construction stages of buildings in order to reduce the probability of flooding and the costs in repairs. Once construction is completed, it is imperative for maintenance checks to be conducted in regular intervals.

Often problems in foundation are not visible to the naked eye and therefore it becomes necessary to hire a professional inspector to conduct the tests. Inspectors will evaluate the performance of building and collect data on the status of the structure. After detailed information on the performance of a building are collected, they should be kept on file. Detailed files will make it easier to monitor building performance and to make the recommendations necessary to increase the longevity and general well keeping of the building.

Maintenance checks although underrated by many property owners, do have the potential to save thousands of dollars in property damage costs. If regular inspection is not conducted, defects will go unnoticed and eventually grow into serious issues.

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