The Effects of Dampness & Importance of Waterproofing

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Buildings that have not been waterproofed are in open defiance of all the laws of hygiene. Unfortunately, unwholesome conditions are prevalent in properties and it is very common to find residences where the waterproofing job was not carried out properly or not carried out at all.

Structural dampness has far-reaching and potentially expensive consequences. The action of moisture on the different portions of the structure is bound to induce decay and disintegration in time, if not as a primary consequence, than definitely as a secondary one. The continual presence of moisture in the pores of any absorptive materials, such as brick stone or wood, encourages the growth of moss and various species of fungus; these in turn absorb and retain more water during heavy rains, passing it along to the adjacent portions of the building that would otherwise remain dry.

Early diagnosis and treatment is vital to avoiding many of the structural, aesthetic and health problems which dampness in the home or workplace can cause, including:

  • Deterioration of plaster, paint and wallpaper on damp walls
  • Asthma, respiratory illnesses and other health issues due to airborne moulds
  • Rotting of wood and rusting of steel and iron fasteners
  • Pollution of the indoor air due to deterioration of building materials

Dampness in walls results in many injurious effects to the structure of your home and to the personal health of your family. Contact Priority Waterproofing today to schedule a visit. 647-247-2795

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