Waterproofing Basement Exterior Drainage Systems in Toronto

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Waterproofing the exterior of your Toronto basement foundation is an in-depth, potentially expensive project that can require plenty of time and money to do correctly. There’s a reason why many homeowners simply ignore potential problems with their basement’s exterior drainage system: because waterproofing costs can run into the thousands of dollars, and there’s always a chance that your basement won’t flood even if you fail to repair the system properly.

If you’re the type of property owner who wants to have your property maintained as well as possible to maintain equity, however, you really can’t overlook an exterior basement waterproofing problem. Although repairing or replacing your footer drains may take a bit of hard work, discovering in the first place whether or not they need maintenance can be done easily by your Toronto waterproofing contractor.

There are also some simple indicators of exterior foundation damage that you can look for yourself on the inside of your basement. These include small cracks in the basement walls, mold, mildew, water damage and even cracking and buckling in the floor. Hydrostatic pressure, which causes these problems, pushes equally against your basement walls and floors. The wetter your surrounding ground, the more likely you will be suffering from hydrostatic pressure damage.

To be sure, you’ll need to call your Toronto exterior basement waterproofing specialist to fully inspect your foundation to look for indications of water damage and future potential flooding. Thanks to advanced technology such as internal drain video cameras and locating devices, your contractor should be able to locate exactly where the problem is with your footer drains.


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