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French Drains also known as soak ways, rock drains, rubble drains and perimeter drains are cost effective and easy solutions for homes that suffer from basement flooding and water runoffs.  Despite the simplicity of their design, French Drains are effective components in home waterproofing and the removal of unwanted water.

A French Drain is composed of small trenches and perforated pipes that are inserted in a stone fill and covered by gravel. The pipes are dug at a gradient in order to catch the water that seeps inside them. They also act as a conduit for the runoff water and channel it by gravity to a sump pump that sends the water back outside or into a drain line.

It is important to note however that the installation of a French Drain is not a complete preventative method against having water enter your basement. French drains are ineffective in situations where there are damp or decaying walls and mortar joints. Before you go through the effort of installing a French Drain, you need to check with a professional to make sure that your overall plumbing system and constructs are in good condition.

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